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Arcade art gallery is located in Maadi in a villa with an artistic nature, the villa hosts an art school, a coffee shop and the office of the well-known Islamic architect Dr. Omar El Farouk (Arcade), and from which the name of the gallery was derived.

The gallery was established to promote different contemporary art disciplines, and value adding cultural projects, offering its space for temporary exhibitions, allowing the encounter of different energies and visions of different artists, through presenting them to the public, with the purpose of participating in the development of the society.

Layla El-Farouk

Arcade Gallery Founder

Born and raised with a strong art surrounding, El Farouk has always been involved and appreciated art. Following her graduation from the faculty of Fine Arts in 2006, she participated in many group exhibitions such as Salon of the youth, The Popular Show exhibition in Town House, Artist Exhibition in Art Café, Joint student exhibition in Fine Arts gallery, she is also the owner and founder of the art center (Place Des Arts), December 2016.



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